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Tri Valley Working Equitation

Thank you to Tri Valley Equitation for an amazing weekend, so much work was put into your grounds. And I loved the Christmas in July theme. Such a credit to a new Committee.

Thank you also to the people who sponsored this wonderful event , Horseman's Blend, Technyflex Distribution Queensland, the cattle donors . Thank you for my beautiful camping chair .

Also thank you to Jenny Kemp & Adam Kemp for your wonderful company, food and care. You make showing fun!

Fiddy & I won Cons 1 and have to thank our sponsors as well Equines2Canines @TeresaHarrisonMortageChoiceWoosford Teresa Harrison Ride Proud Clothing @cabooltureWesternWorld .

Also a big thank you to my farrier Glen Wyse for fitting Fiddy in before the show , your a life saver. 

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