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Working Equitation Nationals

Well home from my last show of the year!!

What a fantastic ending to this year’s competition.

National Champion Consagrados 1 for Fiddy and Myself.

Thank you to ANWE Committee for organising this show @Deb Taylor 

Thanks to the wonderful sponsors by who make this possible Iconoclast Equine Support Boots Performance Riders By Brett Parbery Thomas Cook Boot & Clothing Co. Sterling Essentials

Thank you to @Aaron Brown our Chef D’Equipe with out you our Queensland team would not have been so great, You kept us informed you made it easy to follow the drawers, you were everywhere and where ever you needed.

Also thank you so much to my partner in crime @Jenny Kemp always a fun showing with you and congratulations on your wonderful results, you must teach me your mounting while holding the gate trick! Thanks @Adam Kemp for all your help early morning coffees , photos and support.

Eduardo Almeida Australian clinics Eduardo Almeida Working Equitation with out your clinics and encouragement to move up a couple of levels this would not have been possible.

And thank you to all the wonderful people who constantly support me. My clients my friends and Sponsors

@Equine2Canine Ride Proud Clothing Karyn Delforce Kaz Kerchiefs @Caboolture Western World Teresa HarrisonMortgage Choice Mortgage Adviser, Teresa Harrison

there will be more photos to come sorry not sorry 😂

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